Our vision is simple.

We strive to be an industry leading provider of drilling services, always focusing on the care of our customer and the care of our employees.

Industry Leader
We thrive on remote locations and the challenge of the difficult drill site. We are skilled in efficiently drilling to ensure our clients get what they need, with minimal impact to the environment around our operations. We create specialized equipment adapted to the unique challenges of the most remote projects and embrace technological advances in the drilling industry.

We differentiate with innovative technology, creative ideas and custom-built drills. That innovation is possible only because we build on our extensive historical knowledge from drilling a variety of projects and geologic terrain.

We Deliver Data
We will partner with our customers to ensure we are not oversampling or overanalyzing the sample. Collecting only the data a project needs contains costs and contributes directly to the expansion of profit margin.

We are drillers, but our customers buy data. We are data solutions providers.

We Innovate
We foster continuous innovation, encouraging our entire team – from drillers to administrative staff – to look for new ways to operate and improve the way we work. We support any improvements that are safe, commercially viable, manage costs and deliver value for our clients.

Safety Excellence

Operate safely or not at all – no task is worth doing in an unsafe manner.


Solutions driven – focusing on the needs of the customer.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that advances the reputation of ourselves, our company and our industry in the workplace and in public.


Achieve more than what is expected.


The industry’s “Go To” services provider, offering a comprehensive service to our customer.



When your needs call for Diamond Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling, or Percussive Drilling, make the right decision and contact First Drilling for a quotation.