Every job can be completed safely.

The entire team at First Drilling is committed to environmental, health and safety excellence. Our commitment begins with our new hire training program and it continues throughout our day to day operations.

No job is so important that it cannot be done safely. We strive for an accident-free — as well as an incident-free — culture.


Underscoring our commitment to health and safety, First Drilling is a Browz approved supplier of drilling services. We commit to regular auditing of the company’s standards and procedures which ensures compliance and industry leadership.

Each rig carries a complete set of manuals covering Safe Work Procedures, Job Hazard Analysis, Safety Management, Maintenance, Induction approach, Fatigue, Lightning Awareness, Heat Stress, and Environmental processes.

  • Promote a healthy workplace and mitigate significant health risks
  • Encourage an injury-free workplace
  • Operate incident-free with industry-leading reliability
  • Maintain a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace
  • Our training, procedure development, hazard awareness, fatigue management, environmental and cultural awareness, and the development of many safety initiatives are unmatched in the industry

Our Safety Philosophy

The purpose of the First Drilling safety program is to train people to work safely, to think before they act, and to recognize potential and real hazards in all environments — and to do so naturally, as a matter of course, in normal operations.

We will accomplish these goals by using our Policies and Standard Operating Procedures to train our people on the proper way of performing tasks so that they don’t take shortcuts that compromise safety.

The outcome will result in an employee making the correct choices when performing a task. If the employee does not know the proper procedure, they will naturally stop what they are doing and ask before proceeding. They will know that every process aligns with company policy and that a failure to follow that policy is not acceptable.

Safety Excellence

Operate safely or not at all – no task is worth doing in an unsafe manner.


Solutions driven – focusing on the needs of the customer.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that advances the reputation of ourselves, our company and our industry in the workplace and in public.


Achieve more than what is expected.


The industry’s “Go To” services provider, offering a comprehensive service to our customer.



When your needs call for Diamond Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling, or Percussive Drilling, make the right decision and contact First Drilling for a quotation.