First Drilling to focus on exploration projects and small to medium producers.

Montrose, Colorado, USA, July 16th, 2020 – First Drilling steps away from Nevada Gold Mine contract to focus on exploration projects and small to medium or emerging producers. The company sold a number of used machines operating on Nevada Gold Mines properties to a global contractor. This transaction gives First Drilling the flexibility to offer their services to their target market and deploy rapidly. First Drilling’s highly experienced team will continue to execute safe and efficient drilling services for their customers all around the USA. 


“We created a unique win-win opportunity for a larger contractor to purchase the underground drills we employ to support Nevada Gold Mines. These rigs will continue to support Nevada Gold Mines with many of the same great drilling experts that have always been there, delivering safe production every shift, every day!” said Kyle Rhoderick, CEO of First Drilling. “ We can now focus on bringing value to target projects, optimizing drilling programs, and developing long-term relationships with our customers” added Mr. Rhoderick.

About First Drilling

First Drilling has served the mineral industry for more than 40 years in underground and surface drilling. Our services include underground multi-purpose definition drilling, lightweight heli-portable exploration, and surface and underground coring using innovative proprietary processes and technology. First Drilling lowers your operating costs while maintaining the highest level of safety and service. Contact our team today and find out how we can optimize your drilling program:





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