We all play different roles at First Drilling.

From the drill team, to our maintenance team, to our safety and training team, to our home office… we are proud to call ourselves drillers.

Our team may wear hard hats, turn wrenches, or review safety procedures. We may sit in offices or operate heavy equipment. But every one of us is First Drilling.

We are all in the business of drilling rock.

Clint Chapman

President and CEO

As President and CEO of First Drilling, Clint Chapman brings a 360-degree vision to the business. With over 15 years of management experience in the mining space, Clint worked in different fields such as operations, accounting, finance, and sales for mining producers, technology providers, manufacturers, and contractors. His strategic mindset and systematic approach to operations underlay his commitment to bringing First Drilling to the next level of performance. Clint received a BS Degree in Economics & Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, an MBA from Colorado State University.

Derek Erickson

Manager of US Operations

Derek Erickson has been working in the industry for over 15 years. Leveraging his extensive experience in the field, he has held various management positions with First Drilling, including several Alaskan projects. He now looks after the field operations in the United States.

Safety Excellence

Operate safely or not at all – no task is worth doing in an unsafe manner.


Solutions driven – focusing on the needs of the customer.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that advances the reputation of ourselves, our company and our industry in the workplace and in public.


Achieve more than what is expected.


The industry’s “Go To” services provider, offering a comprehensive service to our customer.



When your needs call for Diamond Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling, or Percussive Drilling, make the right decision and contact First Drilling for a quotation.