We are committed to minimizing our impact.

The work we do at First Drilling often takes us to some of the most environmentally sensitive locations in the world. Our commitment to protecting the lands and water in and around where we work is of utmost importance us – and to the communities surrounding the projects.

We leave the smallest possible footprint – our goal is preserve the environment to the greatest extent possible. Our efforts to minimize our impact include fluid containment systems, small drill pads and drill site reclamation. That is our social license to operate.

The people that make up First Drilling are outdoor enthusiasts. We live and play outside. It is not only our corporate values, but our personal values as well, that drive us to operate in this manner.

It is not our entitlement to simply drill. It is our mandate to participate in the extractive industries in a manner that minimizes impact to the environment, engages positively with the local communities where we work, creates opportunities for local populations, and commits to a level of professionalism that defines us as First in the industry.

Safety Excellence

Operate safely or not at all – no task is worth doing in an unsafe manner.


Solutions driven – focusing on the needs of the customer.


Conduct ourselves in a manner that advances the reputation of ourselves, our company and our industry in the workplace and in public.


Achieve more than what is expected.


The industry’s “Go To” services provider, offering a comprehensive service to our customer.



When your needs call for Diamond Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Drilling, or Percussive Drilling, make the right decision and contact First Drilling for a quotation.